Now you can keep shopping carts in your stores and off the streets - protecting your assets and serving your customers. It's easy, effective and affordable with the Arizona Cart Services.


Arizona Cart Services (ACS) provides cart retrieval services for the majority of retailers in Arizona.


While retrieving stray shopping carts is an important part of any retailer's business, having a cost effective and reliable partner to maintain shopping carts and other business equipment is critical to the bottom line.


Arizona Cart Services provides quality service, proactive management, efficient cart inventory replenishment, a system for reducing the number of carts replaced, and tighter cost controls.


As one of our valued customers, you will receive:


  • A thorough cart inventory, by location, prior to start-up of service.
  • State-required labels provided and placed on each carts.
  • Ongoing retrieval and return of your carts directly to your stores - 24/7 (except Christmas Day).
  • Pick-up and delivery cart summary-of-work.
  • Prompt response to all requests for service!
  • Meetings by our staff with each of your store managers to introduce the program and gather specific concerns.
  • Regular evaluation of each store's needs and service levels to ensure maximum results.
  • On-site repair services are available anywhere in Arizona – saving you the hassle and delay of having to send carts and equipment out for servicing. Choose between regular maintenance or emergency repairs.


Arizona Cart Services programs are ideal for all businesses whose operations include shopping carts.


  • Supermarkets
  • Mass merchandisers
  • Department stores
  • Home improvement stores
  • Drug stores
  • Specialty stores



Contact us today at 602-258-4942 for details on shopping cart retrieval and on-site cart and equipment repair.


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Customer Care / Office Manager


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Customer Care

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