About Us

The Arizona Food Marketing Alliance (AFMA) is the state trade non-profit association for the Food Industry in Arizona. AFMA represents all food retailers (Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, and Independents) and their suppliers in all areas that are impacted by state and federal legislatures (taxes, fees, labeling, food safety etc.).

 AFMA is also at the table with individual cities representing the Industry’s interests regarding bans on plastic bags, security issues, shopping cart blight, etc. AFMA has relationships with the state agencies that regulate  business, (Dept. of Weights & Measures; Dept. of Liquor; Dept. of Health; WIC; Lottery and so on). Under the AFMA umbrella, all members are represented collectively; they have one advocate with one voice… AFMA. We are on the front lines with the cities, states and the federal government, protecting  businesses, so that industry can continue to go about the business of marketing groceries. Our goal is to protect and promote the food retail industry in Arizona.

 AFMA is the parent organization for the following:

  • Arizona Food & Drug Industry Education Foundation which provides funding for tuition reimbursement and scholarships for all of its members, retailers, suppliers and their children.
  • Arizona Cart Services (ACS) providing shopping cart retrieval, wash and repair.
  • Arizona Grocer Publishing Company which publishes the monthly trade magazine The Arizona Food Industry Journal.
  • AFMA Coupon Service which processes vendor coupons.

 AFMA has been in operation since 1943 and exists to serve the Arizona Food Industry, retailer and supplier alike. We provide significant channels and opportunities in the state of Arizona.

Mission Statement

The Arizona Food Marketing Alliance represents and advocates the interest of the Arizona Retail Food Industry and their supplier partners in legislation, regulation, education and other appropriate services.

We strive to represent and promote this industry to bring prominence and more awareness on its impact and presence in Arizona.

120 E. Pierce St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 252-9761